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AxxonSoft and Basler will cooperate in technology development

AxxonSoft and Basler will cooperate in technology development

AxxonSoft and Basler have launched a technological partnership to integrate the Basler BIP-1000C IP-camera into the AxxonSoft software products. AxxonSoft will work together with Advance Network Video, the official representative of Basler in Russia.

Basler AG, Germany, is a leading camera vendor and has two decades of machine vision experience. It offers intelligent digital cameras ideal for high-speed and/or high-resolution applications, delivering maximum quality video image which allows very efficient video surveillance. Basler cameras include the following advanced features:

  • Progressive scan method which produces crisp high definition images of moving objects.
  • Flexible image control: scalable exposure measuring areas for an optimum brightness level in complicated lighting conditions; automatic or manual white balance adjustment; configurable gain control and an iris drive with DC control.
  • Three video compression formats – MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264; processing several video streams at a time with individual settings.
  • The unique Area of Interest (AOI) feature lets users define customized regions within the original field of view. The selected areas of interest can be streamed and encoded separately to realize not only ePTZ but also multiple virtual cameras. This means that only relevant image details will be transmitted, avoiding redundant data and leading to a significant reduction in the bandwidth required while maximizing storage utilization.
  • Using an array of 32x24 definable fields, the user can generate up to five different masks. Motion detection can be combined with extensive event and alarm management functionality. Configurable internal ring buffer storage makes it possible to access pre- and post-alarm images, even if no stream was sent to a client.
  • True day and night functionality via an automatically retractable IR-cut filter provides a high image quality color mode for daylight applications and a black and white mode for night and low light conditions.
  • PoE – power supply via Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).

Besides, Basler IP-cameras are RoHS standard compliant, which is most important in the systems where the end user wants no harmful materials in the product.

Currently, the BIP-1000c camera is integrated into the Axxon Intellect 4.7.6 software package. This model comes in a metal case 89.2x29x44 mm, weighs 230 g, and operates at minimum illuminance of 1.3 lux (F 1.4/ 30 ms).

Axxon Intellect supports MJPEG and MPEG-4 video formats (maximum frame rate 20 and 12 fps, respectively, at maximum resolution, and 30 fps at 720x480 resolution), maximum resolution from 160x120 to 1024x768 in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, sensors connected to cameras, PTZ-devices and allows adjusting image parameters.

AxxonSoft and Basler will continue their cooperation. New IP-cameras are being integrated into Intellect, and new functions are being added, particularly, the Area of Interest (AOI), motion detection, multi-stream support and H.264 video codec support.

The Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package

Intellect is a multi-functional software package designed to serve as a security management platform for building distributed integrated security systems of any scale. Intellect integrates different systems – security and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and others – into a consistent infrastructure. Intellects creates a single information environment for all enterprise security systems that combines intelligent video analytics and event-driven automation capabilities.

About Advance Network Video

Advance Network Video

Founded in 2005, Advance Network Video is now a successful and dynamic developer and supplier of solutions based on networked video surveillance systems. Through its affiliation with the Advance Video company, a well-established security system provider, Advance Network Video has taken advantage of their experience in building classic video surveillance systems and cutting edge technologies for IP video devices. Advance Video started in 2001 as a distributor of network video surveillance hardware and has grown to be a partner of several world-leading manufacturers of network video surveillance systems and data storage, transmission and processing systems.

About Basler


Basler Vision Technologies is one of the world's leading vision technology companies. Founded in 1988, Basler has grown to a 300+ employee company with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore and Taiwan. Success of this company is based on the excellent quality of products, an unwavering focus on customers and continuous improvements in processes. Basler is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.