Axxon One DetectorPack 3.11.1 Released

AxxonSoft has released version 3.11.1 of its DetectorPack video analytics suite. It features advanced object detection algorithms to increase accuracy and performance, along with a number of enhancements to improve the user experience.

This release introduces the Barcode detection tool, which enables users to recognize QR/barcodes for use in manufacturing and logistics applications. Seamless integration of Face recognition VA enhances security with advanced facial recognition capabilities. New Audio analytics IV helps gain valuable insights from audio data by recognizing a wide range of sounds, including gunshots, sirens, aggression, and more. Updated integration of the Abandoned object VI detection tool provides a Windows version for improved compatibility.

New countries are added to the License plate recognition modules, broadening the scope of use. A new vehicle type “Motorcycle” is added to the RR vehicle recognition and License plate recognition (RR) modules, increasing the versatility of your applications. Improved speed detection for License plate recognition (RR) ensures more accurate and faster results.

Neural network optimization enables users to apply quantization to all embedded general neural models (recognized object types) for the Neural network tracker, optimizing performance and resource utilization when running on NVIDIA GPUs. Embedded models include human, human (top view), vehicle, and three human/vehicle models with different levels of accuracy and corresponding computational load. It is also now possible to specify the detected object type when using the Motion in area, Appearance in area, and Disappearance in area tools to fine tune the detection.

DetectorPack 3.11.1 highlights expanded platform support, including NVIDIA JetPack 5.1.2 for NVIDIA Jetson Orin devices. General neural models for the Atlas 300I NPU provide additional deployment options, while normalized load balancing on Intel® Xeon® processors optimizes performance. The release concludes with improved Image noise detection speed, making the process faster and more efficient.

This version of DetectorPack is compatible with Axxon One 2.0 Beta and higher. Upgrade now to take advantage of the latest enhancements and stay at the forefront of innovation.

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