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AxxonSoft powers security monitoring for Pan-American Highway

AxxonSoft powers security monitoring for Pan-American Highway

The Pan-American Highway is the world's longest motorable road, connecting the U.S. and Canada with Latin America. Extending from the North Slope of Alaska to the southern tip of South America, the highway extends approximately 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) – greater than the circumference of the earth. Construction started in 1923 and, in some stretches, continues to this day. This is a massive project to be sure. But it is also a massive maintenance task. Imagine trying to service and secure such a highway without the help of video surveillance! This was the situation faced by Panavial when the company decided to turn to AxxonSoft for Intellect, physical security information management software that met all of their security needs – and more.

Our client

Panavial is the pride of Ecuador. Established in 1996, Panavial maintains its status as one of the largest and most respected Ecuadorian companies.

The company is a member of Grupo Herdoнza Guerrero, which specializes in civil construction and highway maintenance. Since 2005 Panavial has implemented construction projects to expand 362 miles (583 kilometers) of roadways. Pan-American Highway And for almost 10 years, Panavial has been responsible for keeping roads in excellent condition, supporting tourism and improving the infrastructure for the country's industrial sector and economy at large.

Situation and solution

The Pan-American Highway is huge. Every year, 4 million vehicles pass through nine tollbooths on Panavial-operated roads. This equals around 11,000 vehicles every day, 500 every hour and over 7 every minute. Considering the enormous traffic flows and high risk of fraud, Panavial management decided to install the Axxon Intellect PSIM at the company’s tollbooths. Axxon Intellect is designed for creating sophisticated security systems of any scale and can be customized for site requirements, enabling clients to mix and match only the features needed for a particular project.

Situation and solutionFeature flexibility was one of the most compelling arguments for Axxon Intellect: both high-quality video surveillance and logging of all tollbooth events were required. This is why the Retail Intellect payment monitoring module was integrated into the system as well.

In total, 72 cameras were installed for surveillance and recording at nine tollbooths, supported by 8 servers, 72 point-of-sale channels, and 16 remote clients. A central monitoring hub was created for system management and administration. Installation and setup were performed by Telectrуnica.

The Axxon Intellect-powered integrated security system meets all of the client's needs, providing reliable oversight of transactions and 24/7 video surveillance. Now Panavial can identify malfunctions and fraud with surgical precision as it does its part to support the Pan-American Highway.

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"Podpora od AxxonSoftu je bezkonkurenční. Při přechodu vašeho největšího zákazníka na novou softwarovou platformu vždy vznikají obavy. AxxonSoft při mně stál na každém kroku a využíval všech dostupných zdrojů, aby vše proběhlo úspěšně."

Gene Parisi, ředitel, Proactive Solutions (partner AxxonSoft – USA)

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