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120 Mudo retail stores around Turkey running Axxon VMS video management software


Mudo is a leading Turkish retailer, offering clothing, accessories, furniture and home decoration products at 120 locations throughout Turkey. The Mudo brand includes Mudo Collection, Mudo Concept, Mudo Accessoires and Mudo Outlet. Under the guidance of its founder, Mustafa Taviloğlu, Mudo has grown from its launch in 1964 as a small gift shop to become a major brand in today’s Turkish retail marketplace.

A longtime proponent of AxxonSoft software, global partner Axis Communications has deployed 1,920 cameras in 120 Mudo stores around Turkey, cementing both companies’ active role on the Turkish security market with this challenging and well-implemented project.

The features of the Axxon VMS video management software (VMS) empower Mudo to handle security management elegantly and reliably, with outstanding video analytic and mobile capabilities. Now every Mudo store manager can view live and recorded HQ video from the store on an iPhone, iPad or any Android device, even when traveling abroad. The touchscreen interface allows even non-IT staff to easily operate the VMS. Mudo has approved further extension of the project to new stores as they are built, marking a long-term relationship that has already brought significant results.