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AxxonSoft and CBC Group have begun technological collaboration


AxxonSoft and CBC have begun technological collaboration, the first result of which was the integration of GANZ MP-5A 5-megapixel IP cameras into the Intellect 4.7.6 software package.

GANZ MP-series network megapixel cameras feature high quality images (using MJPEG compression) at frame rates of up to 30 frames/second, enabling their use in a wide range of applications. They also have flexible settings that enable them to conform to network resources and enable high adaptability. With their MegaVideo® technology, rectangular areas within the image can be selected and magnified with the click of a mouse. The main screen and the selected areas to be magnified may be displayed side-by-side, thereby enabling important details to be distinguished. Zooming is done through software, and the maximum zoom corresponds to the sensor's resolution. All models are equipped with a smart, 64-zone motion detector.

MP series cameras are well-suited for use in, for example, casinos, industrial facilities and retail facilities, and in face recognition and license plate recognition systems.

The stationary, color, 5-megapixel GANZ MP-5A camera provides a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 pixels at 15 frames/second. The resolution and frame rate can be modified by using software to set various values (for example, 1600x1200 at 24 frames/second) so that the total stream does not exceed 55 MB/second. The camera offers 21 levels of compression based on the MJPEG algorithm, automatic multi-zone white balance adjustment, automatic exposure, manual control of shutter speed, image parameter adjustment, and electronic panning, tilting and zooming (PTZ) within the sensor’s resolution limits. They also support auto diaphragm lenses and power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af).

Intellect 4.7.6 supports resolutions of 2560x1600 pixels at 8-10 frames/second and 1280x800 pixels at 10 frames/second, and supports image parameter adjustment (quality, color, saturation, brightness). Support for an embedded motion detector, MegaVideo® and electronic PTZ is planned for the new line of NGP-based products.

It’s worth noting that AxxonSoft set up an experiment with GANZ equipment in which several models of cameras that AxxonSoft developers did not have on hand were integrated. These were the MP-1, MP-2A, MP-3A, MP-3DN, MP-8A and MP-8DL4 models. Since the above-listed cameras were not tested with the Intellect software package, AxxonSoft does not officially announce their integration. Nevertheless, they can work with Intellect, and those cameras will be tested as soon as they become available. The results of those tests will be added to the release notes for Intellect 4.7.6. AxxonSoft developers would also be grateful for any feedback from partners regarding the performance of the specified models working with Intellect.

About CBC Group

CBC Group (known as CHUGAI BOYEKI Group up until April 1, 1999) was founded in January of 1925 in Osaka, Japan. CBC Group is currently a multi-sector concern with a turnover of over 2 billion dollars. It has its head office in Tokyo, five offices in Europe, two offices in the U.S., fourteen branches in Southeast Asia and six offices in Japan.

In 1973, CBC Group exported its first shipment of CCTV lenses to the U.S. The concern's area of activity later expanded to Europe and Asia. Business expansion required creation of the trade mark COMPUTAR, which was to help consumers get to know the concern's equipment.

To commemorate the start of the third millennium and to strengthen its position in the global CCTV industry, CBC Group introduced a new trade mark, GANZ, in the spring of 2000. A wide range of equipment is currently being released under the GANZ and COMPUTAR trademarks, including lenses, video cameras, time-lapse video recorders, multiplexers, switches and matrix switches, cases, brackets, pan-and-tilt devices controlled over twisted-pair or coaxial cable, IR projectors, digital recording devices that transfer data over PSTN, ISDN, Ethernet/Internet, and many others.