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AxxonSoft Launches a Joint Campaign with IP Camera Manufacturers and Distributors


As part of its cooperation with IP surveillance equipment manufacturers and distributors AxxonSoft, a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security information management and video management software, has launched a campaign titled Second Terabyte For Free.

All customers who purchase an IP device which is supplied by a campaign member company and carries a sticker with a secret code on the package get access to a 2TB video archive in Axxon Smart Start, a freeware version of Axxon Smart PRO video management software (VMS).

Axxon Smart PRO is a professional video surveillance system for small and medium-sized facilities which for the first time features a series of AxxonSoft innovations. This software is the first one in the line of new generation solutions featuring capability that make it unique both in the small systems segment and the video surveillance market as a whole.

  • 16 cameras maximum
  • 1 server (with an unlimited number of clients)
  • maximum video archive – 1TB.

If you purchase a device under the Second Terabyte For Free, campaign you can increase the video archive of the freeware version to 2TB.