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AxxonSoft takes part in two Dahua Technology partner events


AxxonSoft and Dahua Technology have been technical partners for many years now, creating joint solutions in video surveillance and video analytics during that time. In 2017, AxxonSoft was the first company to develop a solution based on the Dahua Open Platform (DHOP). In 2018, AxxonSoft was among the first companies to join the Dahua Integration Partner Program (DIPP), which focuses on creating comprehensive and integrated solutions with third-party partners for an expanded customer and end-user base.

The companies are holding joint events around the world to introduce partners and end users to their innovative solutions.

Dahua Technology Innovation Day 2019, Mexico

Dahua Technology joined AxxonSoft, Intel, and Seagate to hold Innovation Day in Mexico on September 24, 2019. The event featured joint integrated solutions for three sectors: retail, smart cities, and the entertainment industry.

AxxonSoft showcased its latest developments in AI, human behavioral analytics, and cloud computing. Approximately one hundred attendees were on hand to learn what AI integration with security systems and video surveillance cameras empowers them to do.

Dahua Technology Partner Day 2019, Madrid

On September 26, 2019, AxxonSoft made its way to Madrid to participate in Dahua's expo presenting the latest achievements in the security system industry as part of Technology Partner Day. The event attracted around 500 attendees who represent large system integrators and end users. It acted as a platform to exchange information on the latest market trends, innovating solutions, and problems currently facing the industry.

AxxonSoft presented a report and gave an on-stage demonstration of one of our latest products, neural network Behavior Analytics. Attendees saw on the auditorium's screens how the system could recognize their poses and trigger an alarm in response to certain body positions, like a shooter's pose and hands over one's head.