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Drivers Pack 3.2.13 Available for Download


Drivers Pack version 3.2.13 has been released, offering updated support for IP video servers and IP cameras in AxxonSoft products. The new version adds support for 44 models of IP devices:

  • ACTi TCM-4511
  • ACTi TCM-5111
  • Axis P3353
  • Axis P3354-V/VE
  • Axis P3363-V/VE
  • Axis P3364-V/VE
  • Bosch VG5 AutoDome 700 Series
  • Bosch VG5 AutoDome 800 Series
  • Brickcom FB-300Np
  • Brickcom MB-300A_series
  • Brickcom MB-500A_series
  • Brickcom MD-100Ap
  • Certis NDF-3100FH-E
  • Certis NDV-3300RFH-E
  • Compotrol IP-5130
  • HikVision DS-2CD7164-E
  • HikVision DS-2CD764FWD-E
  • iPUX ICS1330
  • iPUX ICS203A
  • iPUX ICS2330
  • iPUX ICS7232
  • iPUX ICS8220
  • iPUX IVS7100
  • MicroDigital MDS-i101
  • Novus NVIP-2DN2001D-P/GO
  • Novus NVIP-2DN5005CZ-P/GO
  • Novus NVIP-TDN3401H/IR/MPX2.0
  • Panasonic BL-C160
  • Probe PIC-H2000T
  • QNAP VS-4016U-RP Pro
  • Sony SNC-DH160
  • Sony SNC-ER520
  • Sony SNC-ER521
  • Sony SNC-EP520
  • Sony SNC-ER580
  • Sony SNC-RS44N/P
  • Sony SNC-RS84N/P
  • Sony SNT-EX154
  • Vivotek FD8131/V
  • Vivotek FD8136
  • Vivotek SD81x1
  • Vivotek VS8401
  • Vivotek VS8801

For the first time, Drivers Pack 3.2.13 incorporates support for devices from iPUX and QNAP.

Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer, ensuring compatibility between AxxonSoft software and a wide range of IP hardware. The module allows users to integrate new IP devices into their AxxonSoft-powered security systems, without needing to wait for any updates to their base AxxonSoft VMS. For proper hardware support, users are advised to install Drivers Pack over the latest version of their AxxonSoft product. Drivers Pack 3.2.13 should be used with version 4.8.3 of Axxon PSIM and version 3.0 of Axxon VMS.