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IP Video Market Info has tested Axxon Smart Start

IP Video Market Info has tested Axxon Smart Start

IP Video Market Info, one of the leading western Internet resources on video surveillance, has published an article titled "The VMS Price Wars Have Begun". The article describes an abrupt drop in prices and even offers of free versions in the segment for systems with a small number of channels.

In particular, the article tells about Axxon Smart Start, the free 16-channel version of AxxonSoft’s new product. AxxonSoft is mentioned as Russia’s best-known VMS supplier, now aggressively expanding into Western Europe and the U.S.

The article also states that IP Video Market Info has tested Axxon Smart Start. Please refer to http://ipvideomarket.info/report/testing_axxon_smart_vms for details.

In a comment on the article, John Honovich, founder of IP Video Market Info, noted:

"There’s been a few more questions about free ‘closed’ vs. ‘open’ VMSes. It’s definitely true that free VMS software has been offered for many years. However, you were limited to only using that manufacturer’s cameras. This locked you in to a single vendor’s cameras - an outcome that many, if not most, users found to be problematic. Also, a lot of the free VMS software offered by camera manufacturers was fairly bad and buggy (not all, but many).
The big differences you will see in this generation of free VMS is that you will be able to pick pretty much any camera you want (from any manufacturer) and that the offering will be based on mature, well-tested software".

You can read the full text of the article here.