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New AxxonSoft office in Poland means new partners, new clients, and new friends

New AxxonSoft office in Poland means new partners, new clients, and new friends

On 15 October 2013 the Turуwka Hotel & SPA in Wieliczka (Poland) played host to the official opening of AxxonSoft’s office in Poland, as well as a special conference commemorating the event. Approximately 75 representatives of major security vendors from all over Poland came to celebrate AxxonSoft’s expansion.

Festivities began with introduction of key employees from the new Polish office, including its director, Pavel Troyak.

The guests recongregated after a short break, listening to a presentation by AxxonSoft Sofia employee Fedor Mendelev entitled "Implementing AxxonSoft Products at Real-World Sites". The presentation included the most successful and educational examples of how AxxonSoft PSIM and VMS platforms fit with differing site scales and complexities.

Guests from Polish systems integrators and AxxonSoft partners contributed as well, speaking about their companies’ projects. Łukasz Klonowicz from Qumak S.A. told about a project for installing a security system at a Polish railway station, while Kamil Baranski from Megavision Technelogy Sp. z o.o. described setting up a video surveillance system for Lukoil gas stations.

Live demos can sometimes make clear what presentations cannot, which is why special stands were installed in the room. Each stand had a detailed presentation on the technical aspects of previous successful projects.

The event was an unqualified success, with guests enthusiastic and excited about AxxonSoft products. Alexey Mendelev, Director of the AxxonSoft Representative Office for Eastern Europe, considers the new office in Poland a necessary first step for developing sales in the region: "Poland is the largest market in Eastern Europe, both geographically and by market size. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this region for our company. Opening an office in Poland is part of our long-term plan for developing sales and partnership in a region that is very important to us. And the way to start that process is to make AxxonSoft solutions both accessible and understandable for our Polish partners".