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New Version 3.1.5 of Drivers Pack Released


The AxxonSoft Company has released the new Drivers Pack 3.1.5 module. Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer which provides support for integrating IP devices into AxxonSoft products. Drivers Pack was first released as part of version 4.7.6 SP1 of the Intellect software package. Drivers Pack gives you the option of adding support for new integrated IP cameras and IP video servers to AxxonSoft products without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software. For instance, Drivers Pack 3.1.5 and Drivers Pack 3.1.4 should be installed on Intellect version 4.7.8.

In the future, AxxonSoft plans to switch all of its products to a similar model of operation with IP devices, by updating only the Drivers Pack module.

Drivers Pack 3.1.5 offers support of 11 new IP devices:

  • ACTi ACD-2400
  • Axis M1114
  • Axis M1104
  • Axis M1113
  • Axis Q1910
  • EverFocus EPN3600
  • March Networks MegaPX 720p
  • Optelecom Siqura BC-24
  • Optelecom Siqura V-30
  • Sanyo VCC-HD4600P
  • Vivotek IP7330

Drivers Pack 3.1.4 offers support for 34 new IP devices, which are also included in Drivers Pack 3.1.5 and are recommended for use with Intellect version 4.7.8:

  • ACTi ACM-4000
  • ACTi ACM-4200
  • ACTi ACM-4201
  • ACTi ACM-5601
  • ACTi ACM-8211
  • ACTi CAM-6610
  • ACTi CAM-6630
  • ACTi TCD-2500
  • ACTi TCM-4301
  • ACTi TCM-5311
  • Axis M1054
  • Axis M1103
  • Axis M3203
  • Axis M3204
  • Basler BIP-1300c (-dn)
  • Basler BIP-1600c (-dn)
  • Basler BIP-640c (-dn)
  • Basler BIP-D1300c-dn
  • Beward B-1014
  • Beward B-1070
  • Beward B85-5-IP
  • Beward B-915
  • Beward B-970
  • Beward B-975
  • Beward B-9xx line
  • Bosch NWC-0445-10P
  • Ganz MP2DN
  • Lilin IPD552EX
  • MicroDigital MDC-i4240C
  • Smartec STC-IPM3095A/3
  • Smartec STC-IPM3096A/3
  • Smartec STC-IPM3595A/3
  • Sony SNC-CH210
  • Vivotek IP7161

Distribution files are available for download here.

A full list of devices supported by this version is available here.

The AxxonSoft Company wishes to thank its technological partners, who made its work on the integration of the IP devices included in Drivers Pack 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 possible.